Our Offer


It's simple:

  • We will make an initial complimentary assessment, from desk research and a Skype call, as to whether we can help.
  • If that is positive for both parties, we meet you, in person, and spend half a day auditing, for our own benefit, your readiness for funding. This would typically cost £1000.
  • We will then, if we believe you are suited to what we can deliver, ask you to engage us to report on the improvements that are needed. This will typically be a week’s work. Working with you will generate a report with specific action plans for you to implement. This will typically cost £10,000.
  • We will then work to implement these action plans with you, help you prepare your funding pitch and approach, as appropriate, banks, private investors or agreed market intermediaries.
  • We will charge a monthly retainer of approximately £10,000, for a minimum of three months and a success fee, payable only once the funds have been raised and banked by you.

The indicative fees mentioned above are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our fees and any reasonable expenses will be agreed in advance.

If you are working in one of the sectors where our network of business leaders has experience, we will factor them into the overall sequence.

If you wish to ask us to provide interim funding before you reach your main funding exercise we will look at that, but usually only where our business leader network has relevant sector expertise.