Why Accelerator?


Failure to fund sufficiently and well in advance is consistently the single biggest threat to success


Successful funding is time-consuming enough. Unsuccessful funding takes over key management’s lives, drags down the morale and momentum of the company and creates a significant risk of material dilution, if not loss of control.

The key is to be ‘funding-ready’, to invest in raising funding with the same passion you have invested in your product. You need to accept that, however good your product and momentum thus far, fund-raising from institutions and professional investors is a different game and one with its own requirements and rules that you ignore at your peril.

If you can accept this then we are in a very good position to help. Our credentials boil down to the following;



We understand the challenges you face. We have ‘been there’ ourselves in high growth business, we know what it’s like. Many advisors will lack that experience and, therefore, empathy with what you are facing.


We know how investors think and act. We have been investors in some nine high-growth companies ourselves and advised many to help them prepare for funding. We know what investors like, don’t like, love and detest.


We are very experienced in the unglamorous but essential ‘plumbing’ end of preparing a company for funding. This is the ‘boring-but-necessary’ stuff.

On countless occasions we have heard of and witnessed companies with good management and product being turned away by brokers and investment advisors because ‘you are too early’. This is often code for ‘your administration and forecasting is a mess and we are too busy with other companies who have got their house in order’.

Our capacity to quickly bring real expertise to bear is based on a proprietary network of accounting and operational experts hand-picked by CFPro Ventures.


We have access, beyond the in-house team, to a considerable network of sector expertise and potential funding.

The former is based on Partner Capital’s close relationship with the leading C-level private business network in the UK, with 200 corporate and institutional members employing in excess of 1.5 million. Its long history and extensive eco-system of expertise provides access to valuable, top level sector insights and a potential accelerated route for our clients to new markets, customers and validating sales.